Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Team working on acceptable exclamations !!!

Mt. Flogmore has an ace team working on allowed word list for exclamations (note, not for an expletive list). This is slow tedious work however so don't expect much too soon. A few decisions have been made as of April 13, 2010.

"Golly" is now acceptable. "Golly Gee" is OK even if a bit redundant or excessive. The liturgical linguist team is still considering "Golly Gee Whiz", but has already ruled out "Take a whiz". Obviously this is touchy, tricky work, but our team is willing to work with dangerous turns of phrase even if more peril than pearls turn up.

Work (A four-letter word, incidentally)is progressing slowly. One time saving omission will save time. The team does not plan to make a forbidden exclamation list because such lists tend to become handbooks. Our team does not want to become hopelessly warped like cops who spend all their time looking for details in child pornography images must become.

Keep waiting though if your favorite exclamation hasn't been added to the list yet. The team is now considering "Gosh" and "GOSH !!" and "WOW", but these terms have nearly caused a team split up. We hope they will not have such trouble with "Oh,Bosh".

Golly, this has proved to be a surprisingly tough job for the team, but they are up to it even if they must get new bifocals. Readers should be relieved however, the team does not plan to go fishing or praying or even preying anytime until they finish the job.

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