Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new correspondent from Carbuncle Township

Good news coming soon here at Mt.Flogmore. The Dead Ditch News was shut down just before April 15. It seems the publisher had a touch of Alzheimer's disease and forgotten to pay federal income taxes for the last 25 years. Why that might be good news involves us getting aa new correspondent who once graced the pages of the now defunct paper with straight reporting from the irrelevant area of the country. Flossy Onenoat (pronounced "one note") started writing to pass the time after her husband Wiley Onenoat died after choking on one of Flossy's boiled bologna slices.

But enough of yesterday's news..really today's history...from Carbuncle Township right in the heart of Bunion Gap hay country.

Flossy says, "Just wait, I will be getting out all the news about who motored all the way to Rapid City or negotiated all the tight curves between here and Sioux Falls. And you can bet I get the names of all the kids and grandchildren into the back seat to speak."

Bet you just can't wait. Apparently she still thinks she will be paid by the word.

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